Vocabulary explanation

Chode: something that is wider that it is long; usually associated with a dude’s dick or a short, fat bloke.

Dude: a camels foreskin.

Mouthbreather: An individual who breaths thought their mouth all the time indicating that they are a retard or are panting because they take it up the sphincter.

Nosebreather: someone who breathes through their nose because they are sucking dick/ gash/ ass.

Mofo: short for motherfucker, has many meanings but in my context it simply means, a person who fucks your mum.

Clunge monkey: similar to an anal dwelling but monkey, minus the but, plus the clunge. This individual spends most of their free time beating off over donkeys.

Two’s on that…: a phrase use exemplify the fact that some other home dog wants to share something with you but do not want to ask politely invade it makes him look like a flappy pussy hole.

Dick rift: someone who in stead of having a penis it is just a rift of loose skin.

Different terms for masturbation:
-beating out one out
-ripping one off
-having a stab
-having a thrash
-bashing the bishop
-pulling the head of it
-having a tear
-beating the meat
-choking the chicken
-Strangle the python

A variey of different sayings:
-Get your smooch out
-Twos on that clunge
-Stop flicking bean
-Dump your slug out
-Pop that beef out
-Slobber on the dog
-Cretin slang

Reasoning for self induced inguries:
– you are a dick with fucked up ear bones; you can’t be left to stand on your own two feet without finding a screw driver to shove in your ass. All your vital organs though fuck this shit, it would be safer to go and hide in some caves in Bagdad; right tell the others, we are leaving via the nearest oriphis asap bitches!

Hence you are now subject to the extremities of my insanity complex…


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