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Though of the day #3

When those around you make a mistake without knowing, is it best to let them bumble on through things making more errors as they go, whilst making more work to sort out again; they will usually say, ‘well why didn’t you say earlier?’ (overwelming stress)
Or should we stop them in the vital moments before the initial fail? Leading to them being under the impression that you are checking up on them, because you think they are a retard?

Ahhhhh choices… Some people just don’t make them any easier.


Thoughs of the day #1

Ahh yes some times it can be simply too hard for my explosive mind to think of a full on rant about even the smallest subjects such as, if a bird was to shit on my head if I was only walking around the back yard like a little loner (dam those mofoing pigeons… go to Russia or Cyberia and freeze your little ticks off).

Well anyway without letting this turn in to a rant of its own, I shall get on with my sudden though of the day..:

“Hmmm, a wise old git once said that money was hard to come by, but ever so fucking easy to spend (with the whole beard feeling thing)” which is right in some aspects, but these days there is just shit all in the shops! Having been out on a mission to spend some dosh I find the only thing even possibly worth buying is a big issue… but only because the guy selling it is singing, “Big big issue man” in a slightly wank Caribbean voice, when he is actually just some homeless DUDE who wants some floating cash to get his next fix… I mean come on you thick swine, how dumb do you think I am?Sod off!

They all need a bloody good Glasgow kiss.