Random topics Pt1

Those with a high enough IQ to know what day it is, might also acknowledge that this particular gripe will emerge in several different sections, this being part the first.
One eyed trolls: this is a nick name which I have generously dedicated to girls who cake themselves in excessive amounts of orange make up. Yes SLAGS!! These clapped up kiddy fuckers have fucked X’ number of people mutiple times causing their clunge to hang low like all the shit on the Matalan shelves. If they fuck this hard for any further length of time they will be tripping over themselves! Is it that hard to just plug yourself or take on a bit of DIY? Also don’t go walsing around the place with your floppy, fat tits half hanging out, so we all have so notice you… scanky Kunts or what?!

At this this point I would like to make some kind of laughable link to another subject but I’m really not that fucked with this particular post… Which cleverly links me into my topic of Lazy Twats ((like what I did there?) yes it was shit I know!). Yes lazy kunt strumers enjoy watching those around them suffer in sacrolidge whilst they sit there on their fat arses, beating one out. If I had my way then these chodes would be the answer to our ever growing energy crisis; no not burning them (although would also be effective) but instead making them work before death… I like to call it energy slavery. Make the culprits go to a wind farm on a windless day (excuse the term) climb into a humanly modified hamster wheel, and run their fucking nadgers off!


Bitchs who copy my shit

Bitchs who like to copy my shit really get on my non existant tits! They pussy around, like over licked fanny dweling clunge monkeys, singing ” do your tits hang low, do they woble to and throw,” Fucking dick plashes who get refused a blow job from the village bycicle (who conisidently have every fucking STI under the epic sun).

I find that these bitchs enjoy trying to fit in with the crowd by keeping up with the latest thing, even it means copying others peoples ideas, fuck wits.

Some ask permision before rapping the chode* however some muff faces just take liberties. In doing so they really get, once again, on my non existant tits!! I believe that these lube tubes tend to bite off more than they can chew; this is a lot, considering they are nosebreathers who constantly give deep throat to an unsheathed donkey!

Yes they are definately bitch boys, and must be avoided at all costs!! My mates also hate these rent boys!!

*= generalized example

Women in clothes shops

Annoyance and participation in shear contemplation of suicide. These are the two main thoughts that run through the male head when he has been dragged around a series of female clothes shops. Your integrity in scatter fragments all of the fucking shop floor.

This entire piss take can drag on for as long as 3-4 hours! Absolute clunge gobbler! Its all starts when the female decides that you would benefit from going shopping with her; she manages to successfully convince you 9/10 times, 1/10 being where her bribing and black mail does not suffice. She always gives you the first choice of shop to visit, for me and most males it would either be currys, comet, game etc. Then and only then does she flip the entire scenario upon herself by say, ‘oh can we just have a look in there.’ </note: she makes this statement just as you find yourself in a spending mood!>

Hence you enter the shop, she decides to venture towards the clothes that you would not she a fucking tramp in a pissing septic tank, wearing. You shake your head in dismay as she spends the next 30 minutes of your valuable blogging time, giving a full inspection and examination.

This really pisses me and many blokes off therefore i demand!! less female shops and more white zipped body bags with a York locks.

</end of gripe>

Schools and random women who walk round the places…

“School is possibly one of the safest environments where a child can develop.” This is what everyone would LIKE to think their school was actually like, however as you might of guessed… I think it is utter testicles!

These piss whole that seem to smell like a dead camel rumonating on asparagas, are nothing but a shambles. More to the point though its seems to me, through personal experience, to be the fault of those women with the constituencies (those who knows might be getting an inker as to where and who I am aiming this sheer build up of haitred at). The female teachers within my particular school will never back down on the pathetic argument of TUCKING YOUR FUCKING SHIRT IN! This clearly stresses me and most definately causes some to rebel against the idea, by simply walking around the school dressed like a tramp who just crawled out from under their nans arse hole in the london under ground; but still they are out of the question, as they are noobs and frankly they can go and get stoned in hell for all i am concerned!

Anyway, back to my main topic in hand, female teachers seem to hold a much lower understanding of self awarness, lack the ability to read a situation and conclude in a corect manor. Possibly a reason for this is because the word female begins with F and F stands for FAIL!

To conclude this session of female expulsion, I would like to leave you with these final words: Don’t STOP Don’t LOOK Don’t LISTEN and most of all… DON’T TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN!!! =] Keep posted.

What might possibly be ment by ‘gripe’

This page has been dedicated by myself to all those acceptable human beings who enjoy participating the know ‘sport’ of MOANING. It could be said that, no one likes a moaner.. buts is that not just moaning in its self? … dumb asses (moaning).

As you might already be able to realize, if you have and IQ of 12 or more, this blogging spot has been devoted to a teenager moaning and about random shit that happens throughout the course of adolescence.

So please continue to supposedly ‘waste‘ your time, in reading my future blogs, or as some might say… watch this space! :]