Enrichment (sucks)


I see I haven’t created a proper rant in some time; well thanks to my Ipod touch my best rant yet about weather was deleted in the process of uploading… stupid fucking pile of steamy shit! It’s pissed me so off so I’m now refusing to use the wordpress app on my (intelligent) pod ever again, hence I am sat in a graphics lesson in a wank school that smells like shit, writing my new blog in motherfucking WORD!! It just sucks ass!

So this rant will have to live up to that of my no longer existent weather gripe. Hmmm what a to do. Well I will start be announcing that I am in my last full week of school before, shit all happens for 6 excellent weeks!! However this week has not yet endend and during this time all the bad shit in the world could happend to me: rape, manslaughter, sacrification the to Aztec god Chalchiutlicue, then finally dug up and shagged in a legal act of necrofilia.

But anyway, asuming all that stuff doesn’t happen to me within the next five days, I will instead have to suffure school enrichment practices… bull fuck!


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  1. Jak on

    ch33rs willy dribbl.
    Ima post a likn tu ur bolg on mai bolg.
    Yhs i r sp33king in pwsome 1337 sp33k.
    ok bai..

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