Nob heads who talk about cars

I’m beginning to get slightly anoyed to some extent by clunge monkeys who sit around me and talk about their fucking scoobys!! For one, they can’t even drive yet? Two they are probably to dumb to realize that they do not have the mental stability to remain calm at the wheele without getting an errection off the fucking engine noises. They probably get an errect penis just from being a passenger, some times even if they just hear or see a loud pile of boy racing shit.
So when they are sat in my classes at school, in an indoors environment where suprise, suprise there are no cars to be seen, heard or to get a stonker off, they feel it appropiate to disrupt my learning by forfilling there need to be boned up; they make cars noises like the small prepubesant boys in primary school.
Another thing that I have picked up from their fucked up mentality is that they have no fear of munching up their (unowned) ‘highly modified’ pieces of japanese shit round a lampost after reving the tiny naggers off it round sharp urban bend infront of all their ‘homies and bitches’ just to get a bit of scanky ass on their shriveled up chodes! Obsesive Compulsive Dick Fucking Disorder, OCDFD; this is what you have unfortunately obtained if you have all of the above symptoms… Epic fail. Now go and slam your mum or go and hang yourself with a 6″ thick rope!! Go and burn in hell with your 20″ rims!


2 comments so far

  1. squ1r3ll on

    Class! BBBRRRMMMM!!!! Hehe… Does Jonesy have OCDFD? I think it’s possible that he does.

  2. Ben on

    lol, just wait till they are older, if they think they can get a good car, they are wrong, the insurance is super high until you are 21, and even then for a subaru etc… its still going to cost a arm and leg, and a few fingers 😛

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