Women in clothes shops

Annoyance and participation in shear contemplation of suicide. These are the two main thoughts that run through the male head when he has been dragged around a series of female clothes shops. Your integrity in scatter fragments all of the fucking shop floor.

This entire piss take can drag on for as long as 3-4 hours! Absolute clunge gobbler! Its all starts when the female decides that you would benefit from going shopping with her; she manages to successfully convince you 9/10 times, 1/10 being where her bribing and black mail does not suffice. She always gives you the first choice of shop to visit, for me and most males it would either be currys, comet, game etc. Then and only then does she flip the entire scenario upon herself by say, ‘oh can we just have a look in there.’ </note: she makes this statement just as you find yourself in a spending mood!>

Hence you enter the shop, she decides to venture towards the clothes that you would not she a fucking tramp in a pissing septic tank, wearing. You shake your head in dismay as she spends the next 30 minutes of your valuable blogging time, giving a full inspection and examination.

This really pisses me and many blokes off therefore i demand!! less female shops and more white zipped body bags with a York locks.

</end of gripe>


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