Schools and random women who walk round the places…

“School is possibly one of the safest environments where a child can develop.” This is what everyone would LIKE to think their school was actually like, however as you might of guessed… I think it is utter testicles!

These piss whole that seem to smell like a dead camel rumonating on asparagas, are nothing but a shambles. More to the point though its seems to me, through personal experience, to be the fault of those women with the constituencies (those who knows might be getting an inker as to where and who I am aiming this sheer build up of haitred at). The female teachers within my particular school will never back down on the pathetic argument of TUCKING YOUR FUCKING SHIRT IN! This clearly stresses me and most definately causes some to rebel against the idea, by simply walking around the school dressed like a tramp who just crawled out from under their nans arse hole in the london under ground; but still they are out of the question, as they are noobs and frankly they can go and get stoned in hell for all i am concerned!

Anyway, back to my main topic in hand, female teachers seem to hold a much lower understanding of self awarness, lack the ability to read a situation and conclude in a corect manor. Possibly a reason for this is because the word female begins with F and F stands for FAIL!

To conclude this session of female expulsion, I would like to leave you with these final words: Don’t STOP Don’t LOOK Don’t LISTEN and most of all… DON’T TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN!!! =] Keep posted.


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