What might possibly be ment by ‘gripe’

This page has been dedicated by myself to all those acceptable human beings who enjoy participating the know ‘sport’ of MOANING. It could be said that, no one likes a moaner.. buts is that not just moaning in its self? … dumb asses (moaning).

As you might already be able to realize, if you have and IQ of 12 or more, this blogging spot has been devoted to a teenager moaning and about random shit that happens throughout the course of adolescence.

So please continue to supposedly ‘waste‘ your time, in reading my future blogs, or as some might say… watch this space! :]


2 comments so far

  1. maybeso19 on

    Luckily enough, my brain cell count is in the double digits so I realize the point of this blog.

  2. Jak on

    Me 2.
    I may sp33k it
    but i rnt a dumbass.
    Ive got a rant blog 2 but i did one post on it and thought.
    You know what?
    its been done.
    Other people do it better (you and squ1r3ll)
    thrs no point. ive got my blog iif ii need a rant ill post it on there. or joshes.
    k bai
    P.s. i like ur blog 🙂
    u sp33k teh truth.

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